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    Last Day of Class Notes

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    Marital Quality
    - Success , performance outcomes, happiness, satisfaction,
    - Adjustment - changed that have occurred to succeed in marriage
    - Solidarity- refers to the strength of bonds between family members
    - Evaluated by cumulative effect of the above
    Clayton - 8 developmental tasks to make marriage work
    1. Marriage Sociability - going out with friends
    2. Marital Companionship - enjoying each others company
    3. Economic Affairs - couple has to talk about economic needs
    Who works, how resources should be spent
    4. Marital Power - refers to decision making process in family
    - Who makes what decisions
    5. Extra- Family relationships - how to balance relationships outside the family with family relationships
    6. Ideological Congruence - has to be someway that the two agree on subjects, if not the same must similar
    7. Marital Intimacy - agree on satisfying each others intimate needs
    8. Interpersonal Tactics - how they learn to solve problems and differences
    - The way in which we deal with each other
    - How we learn to solve differences
    - What tactics are used to do so

    3 Factors that contribute to marital solidarity
    Positive Rewards - ( Happiness/ Satisfaction)
    - Social participation as a pair - being married allows you to engage social activities as couples
    - Interlocking of habits - all needs are not satisfied by themselves, partner can help fulfill those needs
    - Ongoing satisfactory, sexual relationships - knowing that there is a partner there to fulfill sexual needs
    - Conjugal love- love that strengthens over time ( sharing of experiences)

    Traditional Barriers ( success)
    - Tough Divorce Laws - there ised to be very strict divorce laws that required evidence in order for it to be filed
    - Social pressure - people are expected /pressured to be married, being single was frowned upon & divorce
    - Undesirability of singlehood -You were supposed to be married and stay married
    - Religious Beliefs - most religions frowned upon it
    - Children - most people stayed together for the children
    - Lack of alternatives - no way to support self and children, being single and divorced was frowned upon for women

    Facilitating Mechanisms - ( Adjustment)
    - Pair expectation for success - going int marriage with the expectation that it will work goes a long , with the expectation that it will work will make it last longer
    - Rapport Building devices - gesture that would rebuild rapport
    - ex. Husband giving flowers, wife cooking dinner
    - Interdependence - developing a sense of common identity as a couple
    - Empathy and understanding - being able to see situations as the partner does; be able to put yourself in the other's place ; must be mutual
    - Substitutive mechanisms - take you out of high stress situation and if problems arise after ( cooling off period) it didn’t help

    Open marriage - ( O'Neills) - argued that marriage is composed of two individuals

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