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    May 6th Notes [Last Day of Class]



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    May 6th Notes [Last Day of Class]

    Post  Manofsnazz on Tue May 11, 2010 1:25 pm

    Marital Quality
    Performance Outcomes
    Changes that have occurred to succeed in marriage
    Refers to the strength of bonds between family members
    Evaluated by the cumulative effect of the above

    Clayton 8 Developmental Tasks to make marriage work
    Marriage Sociability
    Going out with friends
    Marital Companionship
    Enjoying each others company (critically important)
    Economic Affairs
    Economic aspects are important.
    Couple must talk about economic needs.
    Marital Power
    Who makes what decisions when
    Extra-Family Relationships
    There has to be a balance with outside relationships
    Ideological Congruence
    Goals don’t need to be identical, but must not conflict.
    Marital Intimacy
    Agree on satisfying each others intimate needs.
    Interpersonal Tactics
    The way in which we deal with each other
    How we learn to resolve differences
    What tactics are used to do so

    Positive Rewards of Marriage
    (Happiness & Satisfaction)
    Social participation as a couple/pair
    Interlocking of habits (dinner on the table/pj’s on the bed)
    Having an ongoing satisfactory sexual relationship
    Conjugal love (sharing of experiences)

    Traditional Barriers to Dissolving the Marriage
    Tough divorce laws (most are easier now)
    Social pressure
    Undesirability of singlehood
    Religious acceptance
    Presence of children (stay together for the kids)
    Lack of alternatives (less true today)

    Facilitating Mechanisms
    Pair expectation for success (self-fulfilling prophecy)
    Rapport Building Devices
    Empathy and Understanding

    Open Marriage
    Marriage in 2 steps
    Individual marriage
    Family marriage

    Satir - 5 Year marriage contract w/ renewal


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    Re: May 6th Notes [Last Day of Class]

    Post  soc204gogo on Wed May 12, 2010 10:55 am

    huh, I actually think I have more notes than this for the 6th, I'll go look (it's on my laptop, which I'm not at right now)

    Also have some more notes I'll post tonight, thanks for the site!

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