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    Here are My Notes for 4/13


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    Here are My Notes for 4/13

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    You can download the DocX file here : Download

    Robert Winch – Theory of complementary needs in Mate Selection. In a sense it completes us. It ads something to us that we don’t have.

    Murray – TAT test – Thematic Apperception Test – PICTURES OF PEOPLE.. MAKE UP A STORY OF THEM.
    Take people who are married and give the TAT test. Used to Justify Robert Winch’s Theory.
    Dominance – Submission
    Succorance – Nurturance
    As we move towards equality, It’s harder to be able to identify these traits.
    Some traits are clearly Masculine, as others can be clearly feminine.
    Marriage is not based on Personality traits alone but also OBVIOUSLY Gender.

    Social Sciences believe mates are selected by a FILTER PROCCESS
    Filter Process –
    - Cultural
    - Social Psychological
    o Polagamy
     Age
     Attractiveness
     Height
     Level of education
    o OR Propinquity
     Social Closeness
    - Psychological
    o Economical
    Most common Marriage Process is based on the filter Proccess

    S-V-R theory
    Stimulus filter – Is there any type of stimulation of a relationship here? Is there Any level of attractive stimulus here? Must be some feeling of attraction
    Value – Do we share a similar set of values about the world?
    R- Role compatibility, Is this a person in whom I can be a partner. You become a social group, and you have social roles you have to pay. Do they play a useful role.

    Engagement –
    For love, for money, for social Pressure. Either way the decision has consequences. The notion of engagement in sociology terms is a transitional status. Your in transition from singlehood to MaryHood.
    Engagements vary in lengths. Engagements are a public statement of a decision to Mary.
    Short But Sweet- Let everyone Know, and then ends.
    Short but Brittle – Get Married just to have sex , then realize it was a bad idea
    Long But Separated – Army type situation
    Long but Inconclusive – Being Engaged for 67 Years.
    You must also know what kind of family you marry into.
    When getting Married You start to think about and anticipate how you would play what roles. Where would you live. Where would you work. AKA. Anticipator Socialization. What are these Roles?
    “Manogamizing the Pair” – No More loop Holes, No more Possibilites. There are no more possible Boyfriends and or Girlfriends.
    When You become engaged you actually also begin playing that role to whichever extent possible. You start seeking out jobs. You start actually seeking homes. There is also an increasing accessibility. See each other and converse more and MORE. Clearly may have a both positive and negative effect.
    Another sign that may immerse is that an incompatibility of indirect friends. I don’t like your friends; you don’t like my Friends, etc. It’s a danger sign in a relationship. You can break the engagement.
    Developing Interdependence. You start to become linked to one another. You satisfy each other needs. And you begin to be able to understand each other and get where each person is coming from

    Accommodation, and Compromise.
    A We Feeling – A creation of a social Group. In therapy session very clear technique to find how the individual feels about the relationship is to see whether they refer to it is an individual problem or a couple problem. We and us, Vs I.

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